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Palliative care is care of the mind, body and spirit of someone diagnosed with chronic dieases like cancer.  Palliative care is the medical specialty focused on improving the quality of life of people facing serious illness. Emphasis is placed on pain and symptom management, communication and coordinated care. Palliative care is appropriate from the time of diagnosis and can be provided along with curative treatment.

The Telehealth Palliative Care Symposium provides palliative care training and resouces to healthcare professionals in rural and urban communities worldwide.

  • We have not been able to identify enough funding to offer a 3rd International Telehealth Palliative Care Symposium this spring. However, we are hoping to offer a symposium in fall 2011, or spring 2012. Please check back for updates.

  • Presentation videos from the all three days of the 2010 symposium have been uploaded and are accessable by creating a log in account or using your exisitng account from the symposium registration.

 We all have the same wish that all people on a disease journey have care, comfort and choices. By joining together to share knowledge, ideas, skills and experiences we can make that wish a reality.


 Christine DeCourtney

Christine A. DeCourtney
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium




Palliative care is in the news in many publications. Here are some links to recent articles in the U.S. that are important as we move our palliative care work forward:



  • Video Interview with NEJM study authors, Jennifer Temel, MD, and Victoria Jackson, MD, MPH 




The 2010 Palliative Care Sympoisum was presented by:

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

Alaska Pacific University

British Columbia Cancer Agency

Duke University

Fort Defiance Hospital, Arizona

Institut Catala' d'Oncologia, Barcelona, Spain

Intercultural Cancer Council

 Lakehead University, Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH)

Mayo Cancer Center Native American Programs

Mount Sinai School of Medicine

NANA Regional Corporation / Aqqaluk Trust

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Providence Alaska Medical Center Palliatve Care Program

Southcentral Foundation

State of Alaska Comprehensive Cancer Program

University of Anchorage Alaska - Alaska Geriatric Education Center

University of Auckland – Goodfellow Unit, School of Population Health

University of New Mexico School of Medicine - Palliative Care Section 



Here are what some of the 2010 participants

had to say about the Symposium:

 "Good day. It is 4:55AM here Philippine time, 12:55AM Alaska time. Again, I would just like to update you as to my browsing of today's activity. What amazed me the most today was the sharing of the song and dance at the beginning of the presentation; It is really amazing to see the preservation of your culture, and a rich culture at that. Quoting what Dr. Cardinal said, and which you put in your main website, 'In 5 years we'll look back and realize that we were part of the early effort to communicate in this manner.' Everything went fine, with some gaps that are minimal. Again, thank you for the opportunity, I do hope to be part of other future symposia. My hats off to the organizers, speakers and participants."- Dr. Oliver Theodore I. Tolentino Quezon City, Philippines

"Thanks SO MUCH for the fabulous 3-days! I did have difficulties with 2 lectures the first day, but the couple minutes I missed I can find online later just as I did with the first days." - Rural Interior Alaskan Participant

  "The course was excellent and I plan to attend each year via webcast." - Rural Southeast Alaskan Participant

  "Just wanted to let you know that I've heard lots of positive comments about the symposium from the (NW) Ontario video conference participants, Thanks for involving us in this event and kudos to the organizers!" - Ontario Canada Conferance Coordinator

"To all involved in the organization of symposium, we want to say thank you from Cyprus and for enabling us to be involved this year. It is such an amazing experience to listen to experts from all around the world, while sitting in your own home." - Cyprus Participant